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At Zonda, our recruiters boast over 70 years combined experience in the healthcare and recruitment industry.

Our recruitment process is streamlined and personalised, focused on temporary and permanent contracts throughout Australia.  

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Healthcare Recruitment Agency | Zonda

The Recruitment Agency Specialising in Healthcare

Our team connects highly qualified healthcare professionals with clients in various locations, including remote areas, small towns, and big cities. We understand the unique demands and regulations of the healthcare industry and prioritise a human-centred approach to ensure the best match and experience for candidates and clients. We emphasise cultural compatibility and consider professionals’ profiles and preferences for placements in aged care and acute settings. 

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Our Services

Aged Care

Zonda provides Registered Nurses, Assistant in Nurse to Aged Care Facilities across Australia. We provide qualified professionals for temporary or permanent contacts.

Acute Care

Zonda assists private and public hospitals across Australia by providing registered nurses and assistant in nurse recruitment for temporary or permanent roles

Other Services

Zonda offers comprehensive support through HR, Account and Finance, and Business Services, enabling facilities to focus their time and energy on providing excellent, patient-oriented services.

Zonda is a Recruitment Agency specialising in healthcare

Why choose Zonda as your Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

Industry Expertise: With over 70 years combined in the healthcare and recruiting sector. We understand all the specificities our clients need, we are well-versed in healthcare regulations and industry compliance, all our candidates meet our client’s requirements. 

Comprehensive Talent Pool: We connect you with a diverse pool of qualified professionals. Whether you need experienced assistants in nursing, experienced and specialised registered nurses, or skilled healthcare administrators, our access to our talent ensures you have the right individuals to elevate your healthcare services.

Cultural Fit: Our recruitment process emphasises cultural fit, ensuring that our candidates find the position they are looking for that aligns with the organisation’s values. We believe this is the best way to have professionals dedicated to delivering compassionate and empathetic healthcare services.

Customer Care: We prioritise supporting both clients and candidates in every aspect. At Zonda, you will have access to the full team who are  readily available to address any concerns, promptly respond to client demands, and cater to the needs of both candidates and clients.

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