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Zonda is a Recruitment Agency Specialising in Healthcare. We are recruiting registered nurses to begin working at healthcare facilities across Australia.

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Benefits of partnering with Zonda as your nursing agency

With over 80 years of experience in the healthcare and recruitment industry, Zonda has helped aged care and acute facilities with compliant and experienced registered nurses throughout this time.  

If you are looking for roles as a Registered Nurse, contact our consultants now and become part of our Registered Nurse team across Australia.

Why Should You Partner with Zonda as Your Nursing Agency?

Candidate Care

Zonda is focused on supporting our nurses at every step of their placement journey. Our dedicated consultants ensure that our nurses work in a safe and supportive environment. We maintain constant contact with our nurses, providing ongoing follow-up to integrate them fully into the Zonda team.

Competitive and Transparent Rates

We maintain clear and transparent communication regarding compensation, ensuring our nurses understand their earnings without any ambiguity.

Career Fulfilment

Our consultants are dedicated to helping our nurses find the right job fit. By fostering mutual trust and dedicated relationship with Zonda, our nurses can discover job opportunities that support their fulfilment in both work and life.

Dedicated Onboarding

At Zonda, we ensure our nurses feel like valued team members from day one with a special welcome pack during onboarding.

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Refer & Earn Program

A$ 500 in gift card

Zonda offers a referral system  where you refer a registered nurse who hasn’t worked with us before, and if that person commits to at least a 6-week contract with us, both you and the referred nurse earn a $500 gift card.

Explore Australia

Explore Amazing Places in Australia

Our travel nurses have the opportunity to explore incredible locations across Australia. Our dedicated team is committed to thoroughly vetting all the locations we send our nurses to, ensuring they have all the necessary information to prepare for their journeys. All travel and accommodation is provided by us!  

Zonda travel nurse

Permanent and Temporary Roles

At Zonda, we have a dedicated team for both permanent and temporary positions, which assists our registered nurses in transitioning between vacancies once they are qualified and compliant.

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