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Zonda's Recruitment process is efficient

Why is Zonda’s recruitment process different?

Our team of experienced recruiters is here to make staffing placement smooth and efficient. With a vast network and a keen understanding of both candidates’ and clients’ needs, we specialise in matching the right people with the right roles in

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Healthcare Staffing Agency | Zonda is specialising in recruiting registered nurses

What is Healthcare Staffing Agency?

A healthcare staffing agency is responsible for recruiting, training, and placing healthcare professionals in various medical facilities across Australia. This includes a range of roles from registered nurses and doctors to allied health professionals and support staff. Healthcare staffing agencies

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remote nurse - travel nurses | Zonda recruitment Agency

Travel Nurse, Remote Nurse, and Regional Nurse

What is the difference between Travel Nurse, Remote Nurse and Regional Nurse? Australia is a large country with a relatively low population density and a growing ageing population. Given these factors, the healthcare system is expanding rapidly.  There are numerous

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5 Skills Travel Nurses Must have In Australia To Succeed

5 Skills Travel Nurses Need

If you are looking for a new adventure and fresh perspective on your career, becoming a Travel Nurse could be an incredible opportunity, particularly in Australia, where there’s high demand for registered nurses willing to support remote communities far from

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7 Benefits of Hiring a Recruitment Agency | Zonda

7 Benefits of hiring a Recruitment Agency

In Australia, we continue to face a significant shortage of qualified nurses, posing challenges to the healthcare system and patient care. Several factors contribute to this ongoing shortage, exacerbating an issue that has been prevalent in the country for several

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