Aged Care Recruitment Agency

Zonda helps aged care facilities across Australia recruit Registered Nurses (RNs), Enrolled Nurses (ENs), and Assistants in Nursing (AINs) for both temporary and permanent contracts.

Aged Care Recruitment Agency
Aged Care Recruitment Agency across Australia

Specialised in Aged Care Recruitment Solutions

We specialise in the aged care sector, supporting healthcare facilities across Australia with temporary and permanent staff placements by screening and qualifying candidates and connecting facilities with our pool of skilled professionals.

Our qualified and compliant staff are well-referred and dedicated to supporting the elderly population. Our goal is to build lasting, trusted relationships with both clients and candidates.

We are passionate about what we do

Benefits of hiring Zonda as your recruitment agency:

Supportive Environment

We offer ongoing support to our candidates, including career advice and onboarding assistance.  Our candidates are not just numbers; we put them at the centre of our business, building trusted relationships to guarantee valuable staff placement for our clients.

The Perfect Match

We take the time to understand the unique requirements and preferences of both our clients and candidates, ensuring a perfect match for every placement. 

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly vet our candidates to ensure they meet the highest standards of care. Our rigorous screening process includes background checks and credential verification, ensuring a seamless and thorough onboarding process.

4 reasons why you should join us today:

Industry Expertise: With over 70 years combined in the healthcare and recruiting sector. We understand all the specificities our clients need, we are well-versed in healthcare regulations and industry compliance, all our candidates meet our client’s requirements

Comprehensive Talent Pool: We connect you with a diverse pool of qualified professionals. Whether you need experienced assistants in nursing, experienced and specialised registered nurses, or skilled healthcare administrators, our access to our talent ensures you have the right individuals to elevate your healthcare services.

Cultural Fit: Our recruitment process emphasises cultural fit, ensuring that our candidates find the position they are looking for that aligns with the organisation’s values. We believe this is the best way to have professionals dedicated to delivering compassionate and empathetic healthcare services

Customer Care: We prioritise supporting both clients and candidates in every aspect. At Zonda, you will have access to the full team who are  readily available to address any concerns, promptly respond to client demands, and cater to the needs of both candidates and clients.

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We support healthcare facilities with:

Acute Care Recruitment Solutions

Zonda assists private and public hospitals across Australia by providing registered nurses and assistant in nurse recruitment for temporary or permanent roles.

Other services

As experts in recruiting financial professionals for the healthcare sector, we help you build a team that not only has the necessary skills but also fits your team environment and working culture.

With Human Resource Solutions, Account and Finance, and Business and Support Services, Zonda is dedicated to offering comprehensive support to all facilities, allowing them the time, energy, and effort needed to provide excellent and patient-oriented services. 


What regions of Australia do you cover?

Our agency is 100% trained and capable of attending all states and territories in Australia. We can assist healthcare facilities in metropolitan, regional, and remote areas.

How do you ensure the quality of the healthcare professionals you recruit?

At Zonda, we prioritise the human factor to be successful. We have a rigorous screening process which includes verifying qualifications, checking references, conducting interviews, and assessing relevant experience. We also ensure that all candidates comply with the necessary registration and accreditation requirements.

We have an in-depth understanding of the industry requirements and we prioritise working towards clients and candidates’ satisfaction. It’s extremely important for us to build bridges and relationships, some of them are working with us for a long time, and we match the right candidate to each client’s needs. 

What fees are involved in using your recruitment services?

Our fees vary depending on the type of recruitment service required and the level of assistance needed. We are transparent about our fees and provide detailed information upfront.

How can healthcare facilities get started with your recruitment services?

Healthcare facilities can get started by contacting us directly either via phone or email. We will then schedule a consultation to discuss their specific staffing requirements and tailor our services accordingly. At Zonda each client has its one point of contact, and we have specialised people dedicated to Acute, Aged Care and Permanent Roles.